Faerie Quest Event 2016


Faerieland is filled with faeries rushing around requesting help. What could have sparked this sudden activity? Is there a new need for quests? Queen Fyora steps forward to speak with you privately.

This month, the faeries are offering daily quests and free gifts to all who visit. Be sure to check back daily through March 12th, after which the faeries will take a rest and return to bestowing quests normally.

How It Works

Every day, from now until March 12th, you can visit the faeries for a prize. As you get prizes just for visiting, this even can only be done on your main account. You do not have to complete a quest to be awarded the daily prize. Once you receive your daily prize, you then have the option of completing a quest. For more info about what you can expect from the different quests, check out our Faerie Quest Guide.

As usual, the quest you get is random and can be from any of the faeries including the Fountain Faerie. Like normal quests, you are unable to use the Shop Wizard and you are only able to accept one quest at a time. Once you have accepted a quest, you must either complete it or cancel it before you can accept another the next day. There are no penalties for cancelling a quest.

Once again this year, instead of being randomly assigned a Crafting Faerie quest, you will be given the option of taking one after each regular quest you complete. These quests cost real money to complete and give NC wearables as rewards.

Once you have found the item the faerie requested, head back over to Faerie Headquarters to turn it in and receive your reward! As usual, any stats that are awarded will be given to your active pet, so if you want a different pet to receive the reward, make sure to set it to active before submitting the quest item. For more help with the event, you can also check out the Official Neopets FAQs .

Daily Prizes

Every day when you visit the Headquarters, you can receive a different prize from the faeries. Below are all the prizes the faeries are known to hand out. If you have received an item that is not listed, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Air Faerie Eraser

All About Air Faeries

Beautiful Hair Flowers

Dark Faerie Apple

Dark Faerie Backpack

Dark Faerie Dreams

Decorating Faerie Cakes

Delicious Faerie Bubbles

Earth Faerie Frame

Faerie Aisha Plushie

Faerie Architecture

Faerie City Stamp

Faerie Foods Stamp

Faerie Gelert Plushie

Faerie Hot Dog

Faerie Party Planning Book

Faerieland Garden Bench

Fruity Faerie Lolly

Lemon Faerie Mousse


Even if you choose not to do the quests, you can still get some spiffy prizes for visiting the faeries. At the end of the event, people who have visited every day will receive a special secret bonus prize! You do not have to complete any quests during the event to be eligible for the bonus prize. You get it simply by collecting your daily prize every day.
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