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NOTE: This page contains images of the old Neopets Layouts. They no longer exist. This is just for historical purposes.

Recently the latest craze in Neopia is collecting new sidebars (next to avatar collecting, of course)!

What are sidebars?

You know how Neopets has that yellow sidebar or layout? Well recently they've been adding new sidebars/different colors, so we don't have to use that ugly yellow one (that we have all come to love).

Tale of Woe

To obtain this sidebar, you must have participated in the Tale of Woe plot.

Other Icons:

Cyodrake's Gaze Sidebar

To obtain this sidebar, you must have guessed at least one question correctly in the Cyodrake's Gaze plot.

Other Icons:

Altador Plot Sidebar

Complete the whole of the Altador Plot to achieve. The plot is STILL PLAYABLE!

Other Icons:

Altador Cup

To obtain this sidebar, you have to have participated in the first Altador cup.

Other Icons:

Valentine's Day

To obtain this sidebar, simply send the item 'A Mysterious Valentines Card' to somebody. Both you, and the receiver will receive the sidebar. However, this item must be sent on Valentine's Day.

Other Icons:

Maraquan Sidebar

The Maraquan Sidebar was a prize for the Curse of Maraqua War. You can buy the prize with your war points.

Other Icons:

Winter Sidebar

A random event while in Terror Mountain.

Other Icons:

Birthday Sidebar

There is no way to definitely obtain this sidebar. You automatically receive this sidebar on your birthday and on Neopets' birthday. The sidebar increases random events!

Other Icons:

Halloween Sidebar

To obtain this sidebar, refresh at the Haunted Woods between 11:59 PM - 12:01 AM on Halloween (time is unconfirmed, but basically around 12 midnight).

Other Icons:

Qasalan Sidebar

To obtain this sidebar, you must complete 1 step of the Lost Desert Puzzle Plot (now over, so this is unattainable).

Other Icons:


To obtain this sidebar, you must be a premium member, then refer 5 active for paying premium members. Thanks to Kimiko for the info!

Other Icons:
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