Kitchen Quests

Underwater Chef
Oh! Here is another recipe. Well don't just stand there...make yourself useful! Do you want to help me or not?

The Quest

Confined to Mystery Island by his extremely demanding employer Mumbo Pango, the Underwater Chef needs you to go out and collect all the ingredients he needs for his latest concoction! The Chef generally wants you to retrieve between two and four food items for his recipes and he'll give you around two to three hours to find them and return. Some of the items he asks for can be quite expensive, in which case its better not to complete the quest as the rewards aren't always worth it. As with all quests, agreeing to help the Chef is a bit of a gamble!

Chefs Spatula
Island Chef Stamp
Chefs Hat

The Rewards

Once you complete his quest the Chef will reward you with either Neopoints or some items. The items are usually just cheap foods, but sometimes if you're lucky he might give you a rarer item. The Underwater Chef can also increase one of your pet's battledome statistics! Stat increases can affect any combination of your pet's battle stats: level, strength, defense, movement or hit points.

If you are planning on using Kitchen Quests to supplement your pet's training it is better if you only have one pet on your main account - that way, every stat increase you receive will go to your battle pet!

Punchbag Bob

Is it worth it?

You may be wondering if completing a quest for the Underwater Chef is worthwhile. The Neopian Times published an article about Kitchen Quests that helps answer that question. It's a rather long article, but at the bottom is a handy-dandy chart to let you know the maximum amount of NP you should spend on a Kitchen Quest depending on your number of pets and your pet's level. If you're planning to use Kitchen Quests for training, it can help you determine if the quest you've been given is worthwhile.

Written by Izzy
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