Ice Cream Cart

Ice Cream Cart

Down in Happy Valley, there is a little happy Lutari selling happy little ice cream cones in exchange for happy ice cream coupons just to make you happy. Alright not everything is that happy, but this shop is still a great place to go.

The only way for you to get an ice cream cone is to buy one with an ice cream coupon. The only ways you can get a coupon are to buy one from another user's shop, or do a quest for Taelia . (check out our guide) Unfortunately, you won't always get a coupon from Taelia.

Each coupon costs between 60 000 and 70 000 NP from a user's shop, so it can be much more cost efficient to get one from one of Taelia's quests, where you could pay as low as 10 000 NP for one.

Now that you have a coupon, its time to buy some ice cream! Unfortunately, Mr. Chipper doesn't have a very big selection, so after all that work and neopoints, you can only get one of five different flavors of ice cream. They are listed below. Hover your mouse over the image to see its name.

All in all, using the ice cream machine is probably not worth the neopoints you spend on it, so if you're lucky and get an ice cream coupon from Taelia, its best just to sell it for a profit.

Written by Ryan
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