Faerieland Employment Agency (Basic Jobs)

Getting a job is hard, and getting one at the Faerieland Employment Agency (FEA) is no different. But to be successful in anything, there are always some tips of the trade that you need to learn. These are the ones for the FEA.


The jobs get posted every ten minutes, nine second before the minute. The time should look something like this: xx:x3:51 It's best to get there about a minute before hand, or just have a separate screen with the agency basic jobs screen up for fast access when you see that it's time. Be sure to refresh at the x3:51, or you'll lose time. The best paying jobs will go rather quickly.


The most prepared position you can be in is to have your left hand on the F5 button, have the screen scrolled down some, and have your mouse in the margin shown below.

This will increase your chances of getting the job you want. Also, it's best to have a few thousand neopoints on hand when you get the job. Somewhere in the 2,000-5,000 range should do it.


Click on "Apply for Job" when you find one you like. If you get it, it will say so. If not, it says the job is taken. If you didn't get it, then click basic jobs on the link bar up top, DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON, as it will take you back to all ready gotten jobs.

If you have a slower internet connection, it might be wise to visit the second or third page of the job listings rather than the first. Those jobs are generally not taken as fast as those on the first page.

Ok, so I have the job....

Now comes the easy part. Just copy and paste the item you need into the Shop Wizard, which you can have open in a separate tab. Get the number of items you need as fast as you can. You can still price search for the best prices if you want or need, but remember, there is a time limit, and the quicker you get back, the more neopoints you get. You can search for a better price by refreshing the shop wizards page, because the results you get are random.

Got the items!

Ok, good! Now, head back to the Agency and go to status (it's in the list of links at the top), then scroll down until you see the job you were just on, and click on it. If you have all of the items, then it will accept it and you get your neopoints and the time is recorded in your active pet's resume. It helps to choose one pet to go on jobs with so that the recordings go to it and you can get higher ranks and such with that pet.

Hey, it's not letting me get any more jobs!!

Yeah, the limit per day for basic jobs is five. Once you have completed three jobs, you will get a message that says, "You have already taken enough jobs today! Come back tomorrow." Come back in ten minutes to do number four, and again ten minutes after that to complete number five. We can't have one person get them all and not let others work, now can we?

Is that it?

Almost. Just remember that you have to be patient, and if you never were any good at restocking, this might not be the place for you. A little luck never hurt either.


Yes, now you are ready to spring into the world of FEA and jobs! So get out there and get going!

Written by Animetriplicate
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