Easy Trophies

Is your lookup lacking that extra something? You've made the flashy sidebar and the glittery effects, but something still doesn't look right? Maybe you need more trophies! You don't have to be amazingly amazing to get a fair amount of trophies, you know. A little knowledge of where to go helps so much on the way to getting a fantastic user lookup.

None of the methods mentioned below are guaranteed ways to get trophies. Some may require a lot more skill, time and effort than you may have available.



Difficulty: Easy

This trophy is regarded as the easiest trophy to get in the Neopets game. The rules are simple, the opponents are easy and it's fairly entertaining to play. To win, you must get rid of all of the cards you hold first. However, you need to play your cards carefully as you must use the same ranked card as it tells you to. If you are caught cheating, you pick up all the played cards since the last cheater was caught. Ouch.

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Round 3 | Silver - Round 5 | Gold - Round 7

Snow Wars


Difficulty: Easy

Everyone loves a good snowball fight. Now you can earn a trophy doing it. If you're good at Battleships, you will be good at this game. You have a catapult, which fires snowballs at your opponents field. All you have to do is give the co-ordinates at where to fire at. A simple click on an 'X' could win you not only a trophy, but also some snowballs.

Receive Trophy: Medal - Round 2 | Bronze - Round 5 | Silver - Round 7 | Gold - Round 10

Beating Punchbag Bob


Difficulty: Easy

Although it may be a Battledome trophy, anyone can get it. It takes time, and depending on how strong your pet is, could be a long time. Make sure you have nothing to do for, say, 3 hours and you'll be fine. You'll get bored, but you'll be fine!

Receive Trophy: The end of the fight

Pyramid Bonus


Difficulty: Easy

Pyramids is a simple game. Not much to it, really. All you need to do is clear all the cards from the page. Each card must be either 1 higher or 1 lower than the previous card. If you cannot go, click the pile to the left of where the previous card is to receive a new card to work from.

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Clear Twice | Silver - Clear 5 Times | Gold - Clear Twice in a Row

Sakhmet Solitaire Bonus


Difficulty: Easy

Sakhmet Solitaire is the Neopets version of "Solitaire" game that you might be familiar with. All you have to do is combining the cards in your stalk with the ones on the field to build black and red series. Then move them at the top of the screen on the Ace piles to score points.

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Clear Twice | Silver - Clear 5 Times | Gold - Clear twice in a Row.

Go! Go! Go!


Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Go! Go! Go! So simple, they named it three times! Well, it's not that simple. Make sure to read the games rules before you start playing. Like Cheat!, your goal is to get rid of all your cards. The card you play must be higher than that on the stack, otherwise you receive the whole stack!

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Round 2 | Silver - Round 5 | Gold - Round 8



Difficulty: Medium

Anyone who is familiar to the Othello board game will get the idea of this game. The game is also like Connect 4. You play against the computer, trying to get 5 of your Meridell pieces in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Every piece must go next to another (In tournament 1) You can trap your opponents simply, but trying to stop them from trapping you is also hard.

Receive Trophy: Medal - Level 4, Tournament 1 | Bronze - Level 8 Tournamentt 1 | Silver - Level 4 Tournament 11 | Gold - Level 8 Tournament 11

Round Table Poker


Difficulty: Medium

This is Neopets version of the classic card game Poker. The rules are the same as any other game of Poker. Remember, if you've listed your age on Neopets as under 13 years old, you will not be able to play Round Table Poker.

Receive Trophy: Medal - Tournament 5



Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Armada is a complex game made by The Neopets Team. There are, however, similar games which act on the same principle. You move your "Armada" around by clicking an adjacent square and creating a new piece in that square. You can take over your opponents pieces by having a piece next to theirs, which converts them into your armada. It's simple when you don't really have an active player against you, but hard when you have a proper person against you. Play in tournament mode only.

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Week 3 | Silver - Week 4 | Gold - Win Tournament



Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Geos is a confusing game. Neopets don't really tell you how to play this game, either! So, simply enough, most people won't know how to play the game and give up. Easy trophy for you! Basically, make shapes before your opponent does. Play in tournament mode only.

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Week 3 | Silver - Week 4 | Gold - Win Tournament

NeoQuest I & II

NeoQuest I NeoQuest II

Difficulty: Hard

Neoquest is an adventure game where you play a Neopet touring Neopia trying to complete a set task. This game takes a long time to play through completely, but you can start where you left off before, if you decide to leave it. To receive a trophy, however, you must finish it when playing on a certain difficulty.

Receive Trophy: Bronze - Normal | Silver - Hard | Gold - Insane

Defenders of Neopia I & II

Note: Defenders of Neopia is not currently working in the new Battledome. You can defeat the challengers but you will not receive a trophy nor be able to advance to the next challenger. You can monitor the status of DoN at the Battedome Beta Status Page.


Difficulty: Hard

For Defenders of Neopia, you will need the required opponent in the Battledome. You will gain a better trophy for each opponent you beat. Beat the latest "enemy at large" to improve your trophy. You will need a strong pet to beat all of the opponents the Defenders of Neopia ask you to defeat. Be sure to check our Battlepedia for more information about Defenders of Neopia I and II.

Receive Trophy: DoN I - Defeat Pant Devil | DoN II - Defeat Mr. Chuckles

Other Competitions

There are other competitions run by The Neopets Team which, if you are quick enough, can earn you a trophy. These will require a certain skill such as working out a riddle or finding what a segment of image is. These are:

Others, still requiring some specialized skill, are judged by the Neopian public or The Neopets Team. These are:

Also, if you are good at a certain flash game, try getting a good score at the first day of each month. The high score tables are reset then, at 11:50pm, and will wipe off all of the gold trophy spots. Trophies on the high score table are handed out every day at 11:50pm NST. In order to win a trophy at the beginning of the month, you have to stay in the high score table until the next night. So, make sure you do well in at that time!

Written by Matt
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