Converting your Neopet

Warning - Before you read this guide or do anything it says, please be aware that if you decide to convert your Neopet, the change is IRREVERSIBLE! You will not be able to change your neopet back if you don't like how it looks, so make sure that you are absolutely certain that you want to convert your Neopet before taking any action.

Converting Your Neopet

Converting your Neopet is actually a very easy process and you get many chances to change your mind if you aren't quite ready (and if you aren't ready, read that nice message above). The first thing you need to do is head over to your Quick Ref page and look a notice beside your pet that says "[petname] must be converted in order to be fully customisable." Click on click the link just underneath that message to start your journey to a new (and possibly better looking) Neopet. If none of your pets have that notice, like the one below, none of your pets can be converted, sorry.

This pet can be converted!

Once you have chosen a pet to convert, you will be confronted with a page warning you that the change cannot be reversed and showing you what your converted pet will look like. If you like the look of the new image, go ahead and click on the "Convert my Neopet" button. If you don't like the look of it, and would prefer to keep your old neopet, just click "Back to Quick Ref".

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my unconverted pet wear any clothes? Unfortunately, the only wearable items that unconverted pets can wear are backgrounds and trinkets. It would be too much work for TNT to draw every item to fit on every unconverted type of pet.

If I paint my pet a convertable color, will I be able to choose what my pet looks like? No, no matter how you change your pets colour and no matter what colour you change it to, the pet will turn out to be the converted version of whatever colour you have chosen.

What happens if I put my unconverted pet in the pound? If your pet is unconverted when it is put into the pound, it will stay unconverted for whoever happens to adopt it.

Do you like the new look?

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