Coltzan's Shrine

It's official. Everyone loves Coltzan and his shrine. Neopets conducted one of it's Neopolls to find out the Neopian public's most favorite "daily" and Coltzan's Shrine came up top, closely followed by the Tombola. So, let's find out why it's the most popular...

A long time ago, Neopets had one of its first plots involve the shrine. King Coltzan III's dying wish was to have his crown placed in a shrine to bring good luck to all of the Lost Desert. But, at the unveiling, they found a note left by the devious Meerca Henchmen saying that they had stolen it! It was up to the players to retrieve the crown, which they successfully did. You can see the unveiling here .

Now that the crown is back, your Neopet can visit every twelve hours to get blessed by his spirit in many ways. You can:

Receive Food: Users receive one random Lost Desert food. Unfortunately, due to the sun beating down on the Shrine all day, many of the food items tend to get burned.

Receive Dubloons: For no real reason, the shrine has a strange amount of Dubloons to give out. These can range in value from a 1 Dubloon Coin to a 20 Dubloon Coin. These are found in the sand right by the shrine.

Receive Battledome Equipment: It may not seem it, but Coltzan is known to have lots of Battledome equipment for you. Unfortunately, they don't do much to help you attack or defend - and they sell for peanuts in your shop. They're okay if you haven't been in the Battledome before and want a feel for it, but they wouldn't be any good in a war. The best bet is to stick the Serf Lens or Coltzans Gem in your shop and hope someone wants it for a collection.

Feel Richer: Not only feel, but be richer! Coltzan can make you money by giving you a random amount of Neopoints (usually around the 100NP mark) to spend on whatever you like! It has been rumored that Coltzan gives out 1 million Neopoints at a certain time to a random person at the shrine, but the odds are very rare. And when we say "very rare," we mean "extremely, horrendously, you-don't-even-want-to-know-how-rare-it-is rare." But still possible.

Get Stronger: Coltzan can mess around with your pet's stats, too! He can't weaken your pet (which is good), but can raise your pet's level, strength, defense, HP, or speed by one point. It has been rumored that he raises a certain stat by 10 points at a certain time, but you've got to be really lucky to get that! He can sometimes raise your pet's intelligence, too. He's one wise king!

Get Nothing: Yes. Nothing. He can't always be generous, can he? You're just going to have to hope that he does something the next time you're there. It's seemingly a re-occurring thing and so you might get nothing for several days, but stick with it! Remember, you could win a million Neopoints!

Items: The below items are also possible prizes users can get when visiting the shrine.

Rule With Wisdom

How To Identify Poisons

Coltzan Plushie

Coltzans Ghost Plushie

Ancient Scarab Scroll

Coltzans Ring

Coltzans Necklace

Ringed Scroll

Deserted Desert Scroll

Lost Desert Architecture

Coltzans Burning Gem

Buried Scroll

A History of the Lost Desert

Golden Shield

It has even been reported that VERY lucky users may even find a paintbrush hidden in the sand around the shrine!

Thatll do, Sparky. Thatll do.
As of August 28, 2013 you will also get a one time occurring random event that will grant you the petpet Sparky while visiting Colzan's Shrine.

Now you know what it's capable of, perhaps you would like to visit Coltzan's Shrine ?

Written by Matt
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