Charity Corner 2018


Granny Hopbobbin is hosting a Make a Difference Drive to help rebuild Neopia after the Wraiths destroyed it, and she needs help collecting some items. Those who wish to donate can choose to donate either neocash items or neopoint items in the Make A Difference Drive program.

The elderly Acara will be sure to reward all donators for their generosity by giving points, depending on the rarity of items donated. Neopians will have until March 23rd, 2018 at 10:00:00 NST to finish donating items.

Make a Difference Drive

In a massive change, users can donate any item, of any rarity to the Drive. The rarity index will determine the amount of points you receive for donating.

Instead of donating 5 R90's and getting a R90 prize in return, we are given points to be spent in a prize shop at the end of the Drive.

R79 - lower1 Point
R80 - R89C2 Points
R90 - R986 Points
R1008 Points
R1011 Points
R102 - 1074 Points

Giveaway Hamper Centre

For those who choose to donate NC items, the Giveaway Hamper Centre is the place to go. More information coming soon!


There will be a prize shop at the end of this event. Stay tuned!

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