Block Neopets Advertisements in Mozilla Firefox

One of the major problems with Neopets is the large number of instrusive ads on the site. However, there is good news... you can block the ads! We're going to show you how to block those evil ads that Neopets throws your way, so you can have an ad-free Neopets experience. Please note that this tutorial is for Mozilla Firefox.

Now, in order to block the ads on Neopets we are going to use a Firefox extension named Adblock Plus. To download the extension, go here and click the big "Add to Firefox" button. After installing the add-on, you may have to restart your browser (if so it should prompt you to do so automatically).

Note: Adblock Plus uses rules known as 'filters' to decide what to block. Most of these filters are packaged into auto-updated lists called 'subscriptions' so you don't have to bother about them. After you restart Firefox, Adblock Plus will tell you about these filter lists and set you up with a default one - this is good, and it should be fine to leave Adblock Plus with its defaults.

Back already eh? So you should have Firefox open with Adblock Plus installed now. We are going to get Adblock Plus to use subscriptions that will block the ads on Neopets (and just about anywhere else). When you click the link below, you should see a dialog like this:

Filter dialog

Just click okay on the dialog, and Adblock should automatically download and implement the filters.

Click here for TDN's filter list. (You'll also be subscribed to EasyList if you haven't done so already.)

Now, browse If you followed this tutorial correctly, all the ads on (and many other sites as well) should be completely banished! Enjoy your ad-free Neopets experience!

Extra: Since the top banner on Neopets is part of the layout in many site themes, we only block the ads on top of it, and leave the banner itself there by default. If you're using a theme which doesn't have a themed top banner (so you're left with an ugly grey block at the top of the page), or you just want the extra space, you can subscribe to this additional filter list to get rid of the banner: Click here to get rid of the banner
Written by AA_Sans_Quotes
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