Apple Bobbing 2010

Introducing... Apple Bobbing ! This is a new daily found in the Haunted Faire where players can bob for apples (and other prizes!) once per day. You will either get a prize (item) from the bobbing directly, be given a quest to find a prize item, or be invited to a secret trick-or-treat location where you will get a Trick-or-Treat bag.

Well, lucky you! It seems you've earned yourself a quest invitation.

Currently there are three possible Quests you could be given - here are the steps you need to do for each! :)

Quest 1 - Find King Skarl

  1. Head over to Meridell Castle to meet Skarl.
  2. Next, go to the Brightvale Glaziers and pick up his gift.
  3. And back to Meridell Castle with the portrait.
  4. Then lastly, deliver the gift to Brightvale to receive your prize!


Candy Feast

Quest 2 - Visit the Gnorbu

  1. Go to the Gnorbu at the Lunar Temple .
  2. Go and talk to Bonju at Culinary Concoctions .
  3. Buy the items: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cookies and Spooky Doughnut.
  4. Return to Bonju and mix the 3 items in his cooking pot.
  5. Visit the Snowager , and he will freeze the Pumpkin Bites for you.
  6. Now, head to the Petpet Shop in Geraptiku to find the petpet.
  7. Finally, return to the Gnorbu at the Lunar Temple and return his petpet - which he will then let you keep!


Fire Werhond

Quest 3 - Find Sabre-X

  1. Go to the Tyrannian Town Hall , Sabre-X will give you a quest.
  2. Visit Tyrannian Weaponary , where he will give you a spear and a note for Kelp.
  3. Go to Kelp in Maraqua for your "final meal". (You don't need to actually *eat* at Kelp - just have your note read.)
  4. Back to Tyrannia, and enter the Lair of the Beast . You'll get one of the Beast's teeth.
  5. Finally return to Sabre-X at the Town Hall , he will make it into a spiffy shield for you!


Lair Beast Tooth Shield

Quest 4 - Eliv Thade

  1. Firstly, head over to meet Eliv Thade .
  2. Now visit Uni's Clothing to get some supplies, and your first prize!
  3. Then to Pick Your Own for some stuffing and special boots.
  4. And then to Donny's Toy Repair shop to make up Eliv's doll.
  5. Back to Eliv to deliver the doll, and receive the next part of your quest.
  6. Head to Brightvale Fruits to pick up the first ingredient.
  7. Then to Molten Morsels for the other ingredient!
  8. Bonju will be your next stop, where you need to mix the Magenorb and the Hot Magma you collected.
  9. Finally, its back to Eliv to complete the quest and get your final prize - where, of course, he is up to no good... but then, did we ever expect anything else?


Unique Yarn and Ribbon Hat

Muddy Boots

Spellseeker Wizard Plushie

Mechanical Anagram Solver

Wanna do some trick or treating?

If you got this stem, you need to visit the correct area for whichever place or person you were told to visit. :)

Find: Amira
At: Sakmet
Prize: Lost Desert Trick-or-Treat Bag
Find: Lever Of Doom
At: Lever of Doom
Prize: Virtupets Trick-or-Treat Bag

Find: Cog
At: Cogs Togs
Prize: Moltara Trick-or-Treat Bag

Find: Cap'n Threelegs
At: Swashbuckling Academy
Prize: Krawk Island Trick-or-Treat Bag

Find: Island Mystic
At: Island Mystic
Prize: Mystery Isle Trick-or-Treat Bag
Written by Izzy
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