Games Master Challenge - Day 2

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Send Scores Challenge
Challenging As Buying One Of Each Codestone

Send your score in five Qualifying Flash Games .
Fancy Certificate

Game Challenge
Red Means Stop

Gather up the Neggs (except red ones) while scoring 100 at Meerca Chase . (Guide)
AAA Key Quest Token

Random Challenge
Finished In A Flash

Add three Qualifying Flash Games to your favourites.
Popular Games Guidebook

Secret Game Challenge
Bombs Away!

Blast those invaders till you've reached a score of 200 on Chia Bomber 2 . (Guide)
Ridiculously Large Water Balloon Cannon

Theme Challenge
In the Hot Seat

Send a 60 score in Magma Blaster . (Guide)
Send a 200 score in Volcano Run II . (Guide)
Send a 400 score in Destruct-o-Match III . (Guide)
Unidentified Grilled Meat

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