Games Master Challenge - Day 1, 2009

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Non Game

Send 2 game challenges to your friends.

Bottled Earth Faerie


Send a score of 75 in Kiko Match II . (guide)

Piece of a Treasure Map

3 Times

Send three scores of 100 or more at Techo Says . (guide)

Techo Says Bobblehead


Send a score of 800 in Igloo Garage Sale . (guide)
Send a score of 500 in Snowmuncher . (guide)

Igloo Garage Sale Background

Many Games

Submit a score for one of the challenge's qualifying games .

Checkerboard Pizza

Lulu (NC Mall) Secret Challenge

Send a score of 600 in Ice Cream Machine . (guide)

Ice Cream Shower

Lulu (NC Mall) Petpet Challenge

Send a score of 200 in Roodoku . (guide)

Springy Blumaroo Toy Trinket

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