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Job Description

The Daily Neopets is seeking exceptional Altador Cup reporters for its site. The ideal candidate enjoys writing, is creative and has strong communication skills. As a reporter, your contribution would cover several areas of our well-known Altador Cup coverage. For instance, you could write daily predictions or creative news reports, update the standing tables, keep our NC Challenge prize page up to date or even code new tools that would be useful to the Neopets community. Overall, this position is rather flexible, but it requires a special commitment to be online at midnight NST on a daily basis during the whole event.

Since this is a writing position, a full fledged Altador Cup commentary or a well developed paragraph that predicts the final standings of the Altador Cup is required with your application. If you do not enclose those sample articles that you've written with your application, you have no chance of being accepted.

This is not a temporary position. This is a trial run for becoming a member of the Content Team. If you are accepted and stick with it for the entirety of the Cup and prove to be a valuable member to the team, you will become permanent staff. This also means that transferring to a different department (Customization, Battlepedia, News, ALP, etc.) will be easier and will not require another application.

Job Tasks

Specific Preferences

Here are a list of preferences we have. The following are not requirements for applying.

Guidelines for Applying

The people we're looking for must meet the following qualifications. If you do not, please do not apply as you will not be accepted.

Application Form

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you start playing Neopets? What do you do for work/hobbies in real life?
Please list any web sites of previous experience and include what you did. These do not have to be Neopets fan sites.
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Are you interested in staying on staff after the Altador Cup is finished? If so, please list what department(s) you'd like to work in.
Put your Altador Cup commentary or prediction sample here (minimum 200 words).
If you are applying for a Reporter position, please give us a commentary sample. It could be an interview with a player, a live post-match report, or something similar. If you are applying for the Predictions Expert position, please give us your AC finals predictions. After each team, put a few sentences as to why they will be in that spot.

If you are not sure about the kind of writing we are looking for, check last year's coverage.

Talk about your experience playing for your team during the Altador Cup. How many years have you been playing? What do you look forward to most/least? What keeps you motivated through the month? Even if you've never participated in an Altador Cup, please put what motivated you to do it this year.
Would you prefer to be a Reporter or Predictions writer?
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