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Being good at Extreme Herder isn't as hard as you may think.

The basic objective of the game is that you (the sky blue Kacheek) must grab all the petpets (seen from overhead) and put them in the pen (large rectangle in the middle of the screen. The dark blue guy (Balthazar) will be trying to eat the petpets, though. If you get in his way, he will not hesitate to eat you. You have three lives, also known as chances for Balthazar to eat you or one of your petpets.

Instructions & Controls

If this is your first time playing, I suggest you read the basic instructions before you open up the game. These tell you that:

  • To pick up a petpet you must walk into it. You walk by using the arrow keys.
  • To drop the petpet, you press the space bar.
  • To make the "wolf-guy" (also known as Balthazar) freeze for about 3 seconds, walk over the blue snowflakes.
  • To increase your speed for a bit under 10 seconds, walk over the orange balls. Note on these, though. Sometimes its hard to navigate across the screen if you're going too fast.
  • Petpets with a star on their backs are worth more points to save. You will also get a bonus if you save all the petpets in one level.

Very simple!

Tips & Strategies

Once you open the game, watch the screen closely. You will see three petpets walking across the screen, and a big blue guy walking towards the closest one (As the levels advance, so will the number of Petpets you have to save). Pick up a petpet, and drop it into the large rectangle (the pen) in the middle of the screen, using one of the entrances (identified because they look like a small, thin rectangle stacked over the fence).

Now, pick up the last petpet. Notice how Balthazar (the dark blue guy) goes back to the corner where he came from? If you ever need to take a break, put all the petpets in the pen except for one, which you will hold but not drop in the rectangle. This way, you can have all the time that you want.

Look at the edges of the game screen. See those white rectangles? Walk into one of them and -BOING!-, you're taken to the other side of the screen. This is useful when Balthazar is about to eat a petpet on the other side of the screen. As the game advances, those portals will disappear one by one. On level five the first portal will disappear, and by level eight there will be none.

On level 9, the number of entrances you have for dropping petpets in will reduce by one. By level 11 there will be only one left, the one closest to where Balthazar comes from. If you have been paying attention to the game, you will notice the Petpets usually don't appear close to where you are.

You can use this to your advantage. How? That's easy. Run to stand beside the upper left corner of the pen, before the game starts. Don't stand at the corner of the screen, Balthazar will just eat you that way. Once the game starts, you will notice none of them are too close to Balthazar. Now, just being careful not to run into the Lupe's jaws, mind your petpets.

I usually score around 160 in this game, but any score of 100 means immediate 400NP added to your account. As an extra tip, don't ever send your score in for ANY game the first time you play. The first time is a trial and error thing, just wait until your second play and you will notice the amount of points you score increases dramatically.

You can freeze Balthazar for a short while by typing 'freeze', which may be very useful during the game


We have now learned most of the basics of the game. Hopefully my game guide has helped you maximize your score and earn more NP!

Written by Karla
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