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You are the captain of a skyship, and it is your job to guide your ship safely from Faerieland to Terror Mountain. But keep an eye out - flying high doesn't always mean smooth sailing!

Controls & Instructions

Learn to watch your health meter while on the move.

This game is controlled by the mouse, which you use to draw lines of air currents for the ship to follow. Click and hold down your left mouse button to start a line, and let go to finish your line. You can make lines below your ship and direct them upwards to steer your ship up, and you can make lines above your ship and direct them downwards to steer it down. The slope of the line impacts how quickly the ship moves along it. Be careful not to make the lines too steep, or they'll stop your ship. You can draw lines anywhere you want to (even behind the ship) but there is no point in that because the only place that affects the ship's movements is in front of the direction it is moving.

Simply direct your ship away from enemies and towards the points.

Power Ups

There are several power-ups to watch for while playing the game; they can help you, hurt your enemies, and even give you more points! Be cautious though, and grab them only if you won't crash trying to do so!

Power up Effect
COIN : More points.
HEALTH : Gives health boost.
SLOWDOWN : Slows your enemies.
SHIELD : Temporarily protects your ship.
SWIRLY : Turns any enemies on the screen into items.
BOMB : Destroys all the enemies on the screen.
DOUBLE COINS : Doubles your points!


The most important part of this game is how you navigate around obstacles. The game gets harder gradually, and you may want to familiarize yourself with the enemies you will face before starting your game:

Enemy What they do
Birds & Soft Clouds : Basic enemies.
Hippo-bird & Tiny Ship : Enemies that follow your ship.
Cannonball & Rocket : Deals a large amount of damage.
Pirate Ships : Shoot missiles.
1st Pirate Ship, Trees, Towers, & Solid Clouds : Unbreakable, they will stop you!

Tips & Strategies

This game requires a lot of trial-and-error. The more you practice, the better you will do.

  • Always turn off the unnecessary scenery at the start of the game. It may be pretty, but it can also be distracting.
  • Keep your mouse close to the nose of your ship to maintain maximum control.
  • Points are less important than health; focus on collecting health bubbles and staying alive, even if it means sacrificing coins.
  • The SHIELD power-up does not protect you from trees and towers.
  • Stay near the middle of the screen rather than very low or high; this will make it easier to dodge enemies.
  • Try to get as many points as you can on the first level. This is crucial for getting a high score.
  • Click on bullets to make them go away!

Related Info

This game was released during a previous plot, The Atlas of The Ancients, as part of the plot. You had to earn a score of 1,000 points or more to receive the prize, Build Your Own Flying Ship.


This is a very fun game, and fairly easy to learn. The fact that it is played entirely with the mouse is a plus. Directing your ship through many levels of obstacles is a rewarding challenge!

Written by Ian
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