Grundo Warehouse

The Merchandise

Neopets has gathered a huge fan base over the years and the sheer amount of visitors that browse the website per day has lead them into the marketing business. Today, Neopets sells a wide variety of items including plushies, playsets, figurines, books, and even video games! To see the current selection of items that are in production, click here .

This is just a small portion of what Neopets has to offer.

After a while, companies will retire their old products by simply stopping the production of them. Neopets is obviously no exception, as they have tons of retired items; meaning that they are no longer available to the public and the only real way to acquire them is through the use of online shopping. A gigantic list depicting most of the retired Neopets items is to be found at the Catalogue Graveyard .

Where does the Grundo Warehouse fit in?

In most cases, when a Neopets item is bought, there will be a special code packaged along with it. These virtual prize codes are redeemable at a unique area located in the Virtupets Space Station, known as the Grundo Warehouse . Typing your special code into the appropriate field should reward you with a special item only available through the merchandise itself. Fortunately, the Grundo Warehouse still accepts old codes from retired products, so nothing goes to waste.

Within the NC Mall are items called Mystery Capsules. Obtaining one will reward you with a couple of random Neocash items for your pets. Occasionally, a bonus virtual prize code will appear for you to redeem.

Note: Not all codes need to be submitted through the Grundo Warehouse. Accompanied with an item's code should be a specific URL which states the location where the code is able to be submitted. For example, a plushie's tag may have "" printed upon it.

Neopets Avatars

Along with virtual items, avatars are retrievable from the Grundo Warehouse:

Redeeming your very first code will cause the Space Faerie to challenge you to a fight in the Battledome. If you accept the challenge and manage to defeat her, you shall be rewarded with a new avatar. Please note that the free code below does not count.

You should see a box where you can input the code A384J-228P1, and it should grant you access to your newest avatar!

Written by Ian
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